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Reporting on the Healthy City from the Moscow Urban Forum 2020

MUF2020 Peer Peters
Download PDF • 8.62MB

Please read my report of the MUF2020 where the main theme was the Healthy City. A theme which has been made even more prominent by the current worldwide pandemic.

Why am I, a Dutch urban designer, attending and reporting on the annual Moscow Urban Forum? Firstly, because of my personal ties, which lead me to visit the city regularly & follow it’s fast and qualitative developments.

Secondly, in the field of urban development, so much is happening and so quickly that it is professionally very interesting and impressive. The developments are discussed and discussed on the forum.

Third reason is the international character of the forum, where the high-profile speakers come from all kinds of countries and megalopolises and indicate or set international trends.

This reason makes participation in the forum very interesting for everyone who works on a city, urban development, traffic engineering, in the field of culture or health.

The now online event due to Covid-19 has a huge line-up so it’s impossible to follow all items. For my report I choose the parts of the conference which I thought would be interesting, on which I can report and added my thoughts.

Again I must admit what an great asset it is for Moscow but also for all professionals working on cities world wide to have such a event and platform for exchanging knowledge. Hopefully next year it will be again a live event.

If you want to see the presentations itself you can easily find it on:

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